Tuesday, February 5, 2008

what exactly do you...

...do at BURP?

I was thinking of this for some time - and today I decided to write about it :)
This winter (sometimes in December, if I remember correctly), a guy asked us about BURP. In fact, his exact words were " What is BURP?".
I would've usually answered with "BURP is a brand of trendy, sweet'n'street accessories - earrings, wallets, BURPmarks, brooches and so on - created with love, out of the need to have nice stuff to wear". (that's like...the CORPORATE message :)))))
But this guy was reaaaaaly a pain in the ***, so I didn't want to be so "serious" about this matter. Therefore, I just said that "BURP is for the cool kidz". And it is.
That's how I realized we've already created our "brand positioning" (to be really scholastic :P). At BURP we make all kinds of cool accessories for people who nevergrowup. And that's it! :)

P.S.: Above, you can see some bits from the Spring collection. It's TECHNICOLOR!