Wednesday, February 6, 2008

they just love...

...all the attention

Our private team of British scientists just gave us a very interesting report regarding a new species of sheep they have discovered. They are called the Shippies because of a very strong resemblance with the Hippies (they're all for human, animal and plant rights, they love peace and friendship yada yada yada...) and they live in small groups near the big cities.
These Shippies live on attention - they love to get glances or stares and are really happy when people come to see them and maybe even ask them a question or two.
Their lifestyle doesn't really differ from a normal sheep's, except for the fact they have an undisclosed passion for...THONGS! But that wouldn't hurt if they had a bit of a fashion sense. Yet, they don't. They love flashy things and love to flash their skin. Ugggghhhh...the best combo ever :))))
To understand we're not just saying that, you can see for yourself above: Animal Print Shippy and Red Thong Shippy created a contest based on who gets more attention from you. We advise you to stay away from them!!!!! But you can look at your own risk.


Matei said...

foarte foarte niceee!! i want one of those :) hihi

BURP said...

:) well, Matei, last time we checked, you were a boy :P

R u sure you want these earrings? :)