Wednesday, February 27, 2008

that's really...

...a sweet fancy treat :)

This morning, when I opened the computer, I just stumbled upon a very cute post by Daiane from Sweet Fancy Treat. She bought the Turtle Sheep earrings and posted these 2 pictures of her wearing them. That's soooo great, because we didn't get a chance to photograph all the kiddies we brought to the fair. So now we have evidence that Turtle Sheep really exist :)
Thanks, Daiane! You know, these kiddies need special care, 'cause they're not really sure about their race and they need to be treated with kindness. For example, they can only live with a fashionista like you, because she'll always get admired, and they'll think it's because of them - so it's good for their self esteem.
P.S.: If anyone else feels like showing us how the BURP kiddies look on them, please do. We'll be posting all your pictures on the blog, because we're happy to see people wearing BURP :)


Daiane said...

wow, ce surpriza! thanks for having me in the BURP family, va pup!

BURP said...

big BURP hug :)