Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Grandma's Backyard, 2nd edition - with BURP :)

Hey, guys' n 'gurrls! We're happy to tell you we'll be bringin' our not-so-well-behaved kiddies at the second edition of the coolest event in town. Yeah, that's right! My Grandma's Backyard will be once again ready for you on the 1st of March, at La Scena, with a funny theme: Geek style! The nerdiests of them all will get a special cocktail on the house, while everyone else will be able to shop shop shop shop.
It's al about vintage stuff, clothes, art-deco objects, handmade accessories and the like.
Once again, Alexandra a.k.a. Lucuchen will host the make-up sessions. And to plus it up, there'll be live music by Udriste Nasturel, Rezistenta Materialelor and Ubic with DJ Swamp.
So what do you say? Does it sound interesting 'nough 4 u?
Come see us and don't forget to NEVERGROWUP!