Monday, January 28, 2008

who you gonna call...

...when there's something fishy goin' on?
Well, Captn Cat, of course! He knows just about everything about anything. He's a walking encyclopaedia - with claws and whiskers. He's been through so many things, he can't even remember all the adventures. But he's a wise cat - always ready to give you a helping hand at solving a puzzle.
P.S.: He works as a private detective in his free time, so please give him a buzz on his line at 555-CPTNCAT-CALL.


Anonymous said...

i have a kitty ...but theeeeese these are fabulous:) sunt pt vanzare?

BURP said...

well, now you have 3 kittens :)
da, sunt de vanzare - iar daca iti plac, sunt ai tai :)
da-mi un mail pe sa vorbim detalii.