Sunday, January 20, 2008

she loves rabbits...

...more than anything else
We bumped into Rabbithood Girl today, while shopping, and we decided to find out a few things about her. We know she's a hippy and she dresses quite cool, but what else is there to know?
Well, first of all, she told us she was shopping for food - but she only had carrots in her bags!
"Why so many carrots?", we asked. There's no secret, really. R Girl gave us the lowdown on her daily activities: she's a kindergarten teacher at the "Bunny Academy", where she takes care of approximately 100 rabbits aged 1-5. "This is the period ehen they need to chew a lot on carrots and to develop their jumping and running skills", R Girl says. So that's why she bought all those carrots!


Eugen Suman said...

salut. unde as putea intalni si eu o rabbithood girl? rsvp pe mail :)