Wednesday, January 30, 2008

do you...

...wanna play?

These two trees are constantly in the mood for playing, punching each other and throwing apples to see who gets more hits. True, it's a pretty dangerous game - but Woody and Applet don't seem to listen to us when we ask them to be good. We've tried every trick in the book (that's the parenting book, mind you), but nothing seems to work. A plant behavioral therapist who happened to study their case says it is possible that the attitude of these youngsters could be triggered by their heritage - their dad was a well-known card player in the orchard, and he really had a bit of an obsession with the game. He also played the roulette - that's where he met their mom and fell...under the table and then in love, when she took him home and gave him plenty of water.

Anyhow, do you happen to know any good school where they might teach these 2 some manners?