Friday, January 18, 2008

change comes...

...with the hair

Blondine went to her favorite hairstylist one day in need of a change. She wanted her blond locks to get more volume, more shine, more "va-va-voom". But the hairstylist wanted to try something new - and used her as a lab rat. So Blondine came home with some golden/black highlights that really got to her and she drowned in a big depression for a few days. Until one morning, when she went to the local shop to buy bread and was spotted by a talent scout who immediately booked her to play in the newest Bond movie. The reason? "Your hair, young lady! It's a miracle! A dream come true!" - oh well, that's what she told us the agent said. But she's probably adding some spice to the story :) So Blondine now decided to change her name to Bondine - it's more appropriate, in her opinion.

Anyhow, that's a lesson for all of you out there. If you ever get out of the hair saloon with a "hair mess", make the best of it - and who knows, maybe you'll get to be a star, too!