Saturday, December 1, 2007

my momma always said... is like an orchard
Somewhere in a little Italian vegetable market, Wise Carotta sits and tells the little veggie apprentices stories about life. She teaches them eveything they need to know, depending on the classes they take, obviously.
For example, for those ones who want to be used as fresh vegetables in salads, she's created a special training program, in order to keep them in shape and maintain their skin in a perfect state. For the other ones who prefer getting ready to become powder soups, she has a few tips on how to remain slim and not over-stuff themselves, as to have enough place in the soup bag.
But Wise Carotta is also trying a home-made pilot project to develop a new range of schooled veggies that will be included in beauty treatments. She thinks that cucumbers and potatoes should be used in a more professional way, not as they are now. "Humans really don't know about all their hidden benefits. Just wait for a few weeks and you'll see the difference between a trained and a non-trained cucumber!". We're waiting...she seems wise, doesn't she?