Sunday, December 2, 2007

kids, have you...

...written your letters to Santa yet?
The elves are waiting! Nerdy Elf and Golden Elf tiptoed out of Santa's Packing Room today and slided under our door. They wanted to make sure everybody's got their list ready, because time is running out. "I mean, next week's gonna be full, it's Saint Nic and then...the countdown to X-mas begins", said Nerdy. "Santa already told me to start it, but I only pretended to do so. I don't know what's up with him this Christmas. He's way too stressed out!".
Then Golden Elf took over: "Well, that's enough! When December 1st comes, YOU KNOW you should have your list ready. If not..." and they both gave us a strange look and hurried back to Santa.
So we felt we should remind you once again: if there's something you really want, don't forget to mention it to Santa. X-mas is that time of the year when anything is possible!