Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm completely...

Part of the famous "Undecided Animals" series, we give you 3 Heads. This he-she has one body and 3 heads: one female cat, one male bear and another female - a rabbit. But we're telling you, being undecided really isn't a piece of cake!
They always fight - about almost anything in the world - and there's no way they can reach an agreement.
For example, food: the cat wants fish and she can make peace with the bear, but the rabbit can't stand the idea! Or work: the bear is a declared workaholic, while the cat wants to sleep more and the rabbit hates her job!
Or movies...the rabbit loves to stare at horror movies, the cat prefers a romantic comedy from time to time, but the bear needs adventure and lots of blood!
Pretty tough, huh?