Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm blue...

...da ba dee, da ba duh
As he woke up in the morning, Crazy Veg felt like he needed to wash himself in the nearby river. So he rolled down on the ground and rolled and rolled until he reached the water. There, he leaned over it and saw his reflection - "Aaaaaaaaaaargh!" - he exclaimed. "What happened to me?"
Well, he was blue. From being a bright red tomato, just like all his brothers and sisters, he was blue and he couldn't understand why.
So he furiously rolled back to his family - all up on the stake. They were obviously worried about him, because they were afraid he noticed his color. And that was correct.
"Hey, mom! Dad! Why do I look like this?", Crazy Veg asked in an angry voice.
"Well", they replied, "you know, you've always been like this, but we love you too much and we couldn't say anything, because we didn't want you to feel bad about yourself".
They wanted to say more, but a human hand reached for Crazy Veg exactly at that moment and he was lifted in the air.
"Whoooohoooo! Look at this blue tomato! Guys, come see!"
All we know is that Crazy Veg was picked up by a gang of boys that were playing football in the area. Please contact us if you happen to know the rest of the story.
Many thanks.