Tuesday, November 27, 2007

today's menu...

Eskimo Girl

Eskimo Boy

Eskimo Little Brother
...ocean fish fillet

Our friendly Eskimo family presents: "How to cook ocean fish".

Step 1: Get out of the igloo. Look around, until you spot a cute polar bear fishing for food.
Step 2: Say "Hi!" or distract him in any way you can.
Step 3: Now is the moment for your accomplice to smack the bear right in the head.
Step 4: After you accomplished step 3, steal the fish and run back in the igloo. Important! Lock the door behind you.
Step 4.1 (optional): You can leave a "Thank you" note for the furry bear, if you please, before closing the door.
Step 5: Cook the fish on a big fire and enjoy together with friends.
Step 6: Never go out of the house again. The bear is waiting :)