Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tero went shopping...

...and returned with a spotted belly
You know, there's a little cutie that keeps under terror all the other BURP cuties. His name? Tero. Always listening to heavy metal bands like Hammerfall (see here for more info :)), always spilling the other crittures' milk bottles and always behaving as bad as possible. Funny for him, though.
But today, the kiddies got their revenge. They waited until Tero went out for some shopping - alone, of course, because nobody wants to join him - and started their masterplot. They all joined hands in a Rain Dance and created the biggest storm ever. Tero was caught defenceless (when he left, it was super-sunny) and fell in the first - and biggest & muddiest puddle he could find. Oh, what a mess! His white fluffy belly turned spotty. Guess who's laughing now?