Saturday, November 24, 2007

on a foggy winter night...

...your dreams can take you far away

The month of December was only a few days away, and the winter fog had already taken over the city. Like a loud symphony, the wind was blowing through the leafless trees and the frost seemed to have no intention of waiting anymore.
The lights were disappearing one by one in the small peaceful neigbourhood, and Wendy realized it was time for bed only when a big yawn came over her.
"Oh, it's gotten so late!", she thought, and covered herself in the white linen sheets, carried away in the land of dreams.
As she flew through smooth powder clouds and sweet teddy bears, Wendy was thrown away on an island where she watched as two big-eared kids laughed and talked about things that were incomprehensible to her. Yet she only watched from a distance, feeling that somehow, sometime, she had met them and things weren't exactly the way they should have.