Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm a manga boy...


KAN a manga world

Could a haircut completely change somebody's life? Well, it is possible. And we'll tell you a story that's exactly about that.

Once upon a time, Kai, a little boy with red hair, came to BURP in search of a magic potion that would un-nerd him. He was always been laughed at by his school mates and he was completely uncool. And he wanted to change that.
So Nico came up with a great idea! And she is a master hairdresser at BURP, so I totally listened. She took the scissors, made Kai close his eyes and...came up with THIS!
There's no point in telling you that now Kai is the coolest kid on the block, that his hair is copied by everybody and that thousands of girls are waiting in line to get a kiss from him!
P.S.: In the second picture, you'll see Kan, Kai's younger brother, sporting a similar haircut in the "glitzy" variant.