Wednesday, November 28, 2007

can you...

...find the golden apples?
If you go for a walk outside, you'll see the leaves have left all of the trees in despair. With such a violent divorce, it's really understandable why. In fact, there's not even a legal move. But it's an "unwritten law", as they say.
Every year, the leaves go through a strange phase of independence, when they pack their bags and leave with their pals. Where do they go? Anywhere, just to be far from the tree. In fact, they get carried away and they think they'll surely get somewhere nice. It's such a thrill to see the world in speed, dancing on the sidewalks and bumping into people on the street, as if drunk with joy.
But don't they always return, come spring, with their tails between the legs?
Well, but there are also others who never go away.
The Tree With Golden Apples is known worldwide for his beautiful love story with his leaf harem - they always stay close to him and never feel the urge to leave. Is it all his gold that keeps them near?