Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Whale that Got Stale

There was once a little orange whale called Long Tail. She used to swim in the ocean every morning, following a special training tape made by Paris Hilton. Then, at noon, she would eat some healthy organic food and indulge in a small dessert of sweet fish, paying close attention to the diet that Cameron Diaz follows. As you can easily imagine, she was a celebrity freak, watching every possible TV show on this planet, reading all the web news and, obviously, losing herself through the sea of fashion and beauty magazines she owned. So she spent all her days in beauty parlors, trying every face and body treatment out there. Oh! Did we forget to mention she was a size 0 whale? She would have looooooved to be blonde, but orange was all they had when she was born. She also hated her teeth and wanted to make them whiter and whiter – and, of course, WHITER! Which she eventually did. So she’d grin all the time, in order to show them to everybody. But one day, a gorgeous male whale came around the ocean, looking for a wife. Of course, she thought she was obviously THE ONE, but he chose another pretty whale, which made her downright furious! But that was it, and she couldn’t do anything about his choice.
So now she spends her days in beauty parlors again, dyeing her roots blonder and blonder and telling all the hair stylists she was waaay better looking than the other whale and she should have been the male whale’s wife.