Tuesday, September 25, 2007

they cried and they cried...

...until we found them a new place to stay

You all know about our BURPmarks and their new home, at Carturesti. Well, for a month or so, they stayed on a shelf, in the kids' room - the first room to the left, as you enter the bookstore. But they were always complaining and whining: they don't like the room, it's too dark; the shelf was made of wood and they're very eco-friendly; they don't have enough place to take their yoga clasees in the morning etc. Of course, we didn't believe any of that - and we also suspect the Long Tail whale to have started this whole "situation". She's always so picky!!!!!

Anyway, nobody wanted to hear the poor BURPmarks complain anymore, so we listened to their requests. We moved them!!!!! Not to worry, they're still in Carturesti. Only upstairs, where it seems their *quote* "needs are better taken care of and [they] are treated like the VIPs that [they] are", as Long Tail said earlier today, in a press conference dedicated to their new residence. We're happy they like it up there - it was impossible not to love that place anyway, as they're located right near the psychology and philosophy sections!!!!
Above you have some pictures of the moving operation. We are really thankful to our friend Marius for these wonderful shots.