Monday, September 3, 2007


...Fluffy Giraffe
This little giraffe is really something! Nobody can put up with her, because she is very argumentative and never misses an occassion to start up a fight. Of course, she does that because she loves being in the limelight and suffers when she's neglected. She has a pretty wild character, but in fact she's got a good soul...she only craves for attention.
You should be warned, though. When Fluffy Giraffe gets really really mad, she doesn't speak to anyone anymore, she only uses her three legs to say "Yes", "No" or "Maybe".


Anonymous said...

Fluffy Giraffe's fish bone patterned details are lovely, i must say. It's obvious to me she's an only child, shy as a teenage meerkat on a bad hair day.

The nextweekrendezvous plan suits us well, i reckon.
Toodeloo, kiddies!

bulina said...

Oh, thank you! We've had some friends over these days who said Fluffy Giraffe looks "almost perfect". We really think they should get glasses :)

We'd be happy to see you tomorrow (Friday, that is), at the famous meeting place for zebras. Let's say 8.30 pm?

Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry, we were out for the weekend! But now that next week is almost officially here, things are looking up! I will get back to you guys.

burp said...

;) no problem, we'll set up another meeting soon.