Saturday, September 8, 2007

greeting you...

...with a big smile
Our newest friend - Extraterrestrial Dog - is really happy to see you. In fact, he's happy to see anyone and barks loudly whenever people get close to our door. But it's the bark of joy he's doing, so don't be afraid! Just come in and look at him wagging his little ears (extraterrestrial dogs do not possess tails). Damn, he's a cutie! And if you see his belly button go green, then it must really mean he's your best friend forever!


k i t t e n said...

Hooray, the button went green. Lovely, I have a new friend.
(off: may I add you to my favourite links? please let me know)

burp said...

Well, a friendship between a kitten and the xtraterrestrial dog :) That's great! As about the add, we're flattered. You're already on our list :)