Monday, August 20, 2007

three's a charm...

...yet four is also! :)

I had nothing in mind (happens all the time :P) two days ago when I bought BOLERO magazine from the newsstand. Though I went through it pretty quickly and didn't pay too much attention to the "Trends" supplement...which was, of course, a sign that something interesting was about to happen, because I rarely do that...I mean, NOT pay attention to trends? tztztz... :)

So I open it, look through it and...there they are! Our little Bubbly Catterpillar and the Pretty Ninja Rabbit (interior, right page) ! Yes!!!! They are in the magazine, in the SHOPPING section!!!! Our fourth appearance in a magazine!!!! This is too good! We happy :) Thanks.


dianabobar said...

felicitari!! chiar mi-a luat prietenul meu revista aia dar nu m-am uitat atenta! ce fain, bafta in cont!