Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Missing Clown Mouse - News!!!!!!!!!!!

For all of you who were wondering what happened to the little Clown Mouse, we now have fresh information that deny any of the rumors around his dissappearance. He has been spotted on Julian's desk, entertaining the pretty(&vegan :)) Catilda and Penny.
Now we understand that he only needed some space to exercise his talent as a stand-up comedian, which we never thought existed in him. But it seems this is his real vocation!
Btw, little Clowny, we are sorry we forced you to take piano lessons (when you were 5), take up pottery (at 10) and even shave your head and wear bling (at 12 y.o.). It's obvious your new mentor knows better than we did :)


Iulian said...

omg, you baptised him Clown Mouse then you forced him to take piano lessons :| did you hear one good joke told by Clayderman? did he compose something called "Fun Elise"? pottery? is something entertaining in Cucuteni thingie except for the name itself? bling? that's the future you wanted? to open the akon gig in mamaia :(? the only words i can find are "fuzzy wuzzy" (http://aglomerarispontane.weblog.ro/).
hopefully, now is in my guru hands and the success already mentioned by you in front of the lovely cats is a good start for his real career. i'll definitely keep you informed about his evolution. but, still, pottery? :S

bulina said...

yes, I know, I know!!!!!! :(
we were misguided and blinded by our drive for success! we are really sorry...Clown Mouse wasn't in fact baptised by us, we received him one cold Christmas day. I guess now the time has come to speak out the truth about his birth. In fact, we're not his real parents:( Clowny was adopted...he was left at our door in a basket, he was all muddy and hungry and used to cry all day long. On the note we received there was a trace of lipstick and a piece of plastic - the kind of plastic that balloons are made of. His name was written on it and we didn't take any time to think about it. But now I'm looking at it and it seems pretty clear...I think his parents were circus actors and they were so poor that they couldn't keep the baby anymore. That's why they left him at our door...
But still, we wanted to help him find a job in the future, and he seemed inclined to pursue something artistic...so...there you go. But you're right! A kid should never be denied to follow his instincts. We're really happy we didn't screw him up and now he can do what he knows best :)