Tuesday, August 28, 2007

in the Enchanted Forest...

...there once lived a cute familiy of hedgehogs. They were very happy and spent their time eating berry muffins and drinking lemon juice and taking care of their 3 little kids. But one day in September, one of the kids created quite a revolution in the family. When Hedgy woke up and got out in the courtyard to join his family for breakfast, they all jumped up as if they saw a ghost.
Hedgy wondered what happened. They wondered what happened, too. But nobody could speak - that's how afraid they were.
Hedgy looked at them in awe and then went to wash his face. But when he looked in the water, he saw it!!!!!!!!He was blue!!!! It was impossible...just last night, he was a normal hedgehog, and now...he couldn't believe his eyes. He washed himself again and again, hoping it would all go away. But it didn't. That's why he had to leave the forest, because there was no place for a blue hedgehog in there. So he wandered and wandered until he reached a big city. There, he was so scared, that he knocked at the first door he encountered.
Of course, we opened the door, but we couldn't see anything. But just as I wanted to close it back, Hedgy grabbed my foot and started crying. And then I saw him. He was the most beautiful blue hedgehog ever! Standing there, in front of the BURP door. Of course we took him and gave him a place in our little menagerie. Isn't he cute?