Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nico is a genius!

seeeee what I mean?

This morning I was late for office - but that's no news, right? :) Well, nothing could pull me out of my sadness, I thought. But then Nico came and showed me what she did last night - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOKMARKS EVER, so I forgot all about being late!!!! They're gorgeous! Wonderful! Marvelous! Stupendous! Phenomenal! Astonishing!

They are the Spotted Duck and the Sad Tree Half. Their story is pretty simple (as I've heard): Duckling ran away from home on the 1st of May because she wanted to go to the seaside and celebrate with her friends. So she flew, she flew and she flew - but she got tired and closed her eyes for just a second. Only that she didn't realize she'd already reached VAMA VECHE, her final destination, and she bumped into a tree and cracked it up in 2 halves. That's the part when Sad Tree Half appears, crying his heard out, because...he's just half now.
A beautiful story, I'd say.
P.S.: Soon, these could be for sale in some cool store in Bucharest. We'll keep you posted.