Thursday, May 10, 2007

here, kitty kitty

In our good tradition of making bookmarks, we give you Pisi Cat - a great piece of art, as you can easily notice. Truth is these pictures don't really do her justice, but us, she's so refined, she could be part of the Aristocats.
With her pink little ribbon and her delightful stature, PC is the talk of the neighbourhood. All the cats want to look like her (they've already booked places in local plastic surgery studios) and be as elegant (she's teaching a course on Table Manners every Monday from 8 pm and another one on The Art of Dressing every Friday, 10 am - 12 am).
PC knows what's good for her, so she's advising you to only use her in literature books or tomes that treat subjects like art and philosophy. This is where she looks her best, so we reccomend using her by the book :)


Deia said...

wow. asta e chiar foarte tare. si pretu? :D