Wednesday, April 4, 2007


...I would like to save the world

Please meet our own Little Miss Sunshine! Her blonde locks, her blue eyes and her cute pink dress are her distinctive signs, no matter the moment of the day. And although we've tried to teach her better, she has 159 dresses, all in pink - and, of course, matching hair accessories.
LMS doesn't like other people to describe her, because "they cannot comprehend my complexity" - so we'll let her make her own portrait.
Here she goes: "Hello, my name is in fact Esplendida, but when I first dyed my black roots and became a blonde, I thought it sounded too Spanish and not superficial enough. So I asked everybody to call me Sweetie, Pumpkin or Suga', but one day my parents decided I had too many names and I should settle for one. It was a hard decision and I had to skip school for a week in order to think about it, but in the end they came up with Little Miss Sunshine, which I thought was perfect, so I loved it at first sight and then they also taught me to write it down and by the age of 26 I finally managed to write it on a piece of paper in less than 5 minutes! Now I am preparing to be a supermodel and I am extremely keen on saving the world and making people happier. I think we can all be happier if we love each other and drink more Pepsi everyday. And, of course, if we try to do at least one good deed per hour. For example, I just wrote a poem about changing the climate in order to bring more sun to Romania. How do you people think we can live without real tans in winter?..."
There would be more, but we just had to disconnect her. Sorry! If you feel the need to take this conversation further, please call her on her private line at 9080 - 000 - nobrain.
Love, LMS
Later edit: Our precious Little Miss Sunshine was contacted by our friend Helen, who promised to take care of her and take her out on a regular basis (at least 2 or 3 times a week). Of course we agreed to let her go and also promised Helen a sister for Little Miss Sunshine. A Japanese girl, we think...
Why are you so surprised?
Haven't you heard about "peace and friendship among people" and stuff like that?:)