Thursday, March 15, 2007

What Alice saw...

...through the looking glass

Today I was stopped on the street by a woman with a crystal globe. She wanted to tell me what's in my future, but I didn't want to listen to her so I refused politely. But she just kept yelling after me, so I stopped and said: "OK, here's some money - you have 5 minutes to tell me what you see in there". With a smile, she gently touched the crystal globe and created a storm inside: there were lots of colors and sounds, all whirling inside. She touched it again and everything became clear --crystal clear...

"I see lots of litttttle's crazy...there's so much going, yellow, brown, turquoise, black, red, white...!Oooooh! I have to stop..." she said and then, dropping the ball on the grass, she fainted. (Btw, the ball didn't break - so I'm guessing it wasn't a crystal one after all, maybe it was plastic? :))

I left and thought...OK, so colors, animals, agitation and lots of fun in my future...hum, what's new? I was right: fortune tellers are totally getting it!