Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the Rabbit, the Little Duck and the Rounded Ass Whale

This is a magic item with a special shape shifting ability.
The person that wears the item (in any of its shapes) seriously improves his chances of getting in touch with the Great Scouting Spirit.

Short description of the acquired benefits:

The Rabbit shape: u gain turbo running speed in one of the following activities: running, fucking or eating carrots.

The Evil Duck shape: u can fly off the handle more easily and u can become an expert in spitting into the wind (For better understanding, pls, see the picture.
The spitting and the wind were illustrated by a very gifted artist. He wishes to remain anonymous in order to avoid later associations with BURP. We understand and respect his wish, although OUR HEART IS BROKEN!.)

I find it extremely useful and I recommend it for daily usage.

Other details: It is good to know that u will be pretty hated for the rest of your life. :) And all of this is because the curse of nice, civilized ducks will follow u everywhere. (The story behind this curse is too complicated and sad to be presented here.)

And last, but not least, the Rounded Ass Whale shape:
U gain extra diving & swimming abilities.
Don’t use the whale shape after u used the evil duck cos u will be transformed into a terrible pirate. Most probably u will think the item makes u sale a little to close to the wind. It may be true, but if u think so, u just don’t have the spirit of a great adventurer. So, u’re to blame!

Beware! Using the item in any of its lovely shapes also involves some risks.
If u aren’t ready for it, u’ll better stick to the usual fashion items. This masterpiece is only for les connaisseurs, for those who believe that magic is a real thing.